Spontaneously fermented biodynamic wines


Ours is the story of a community of winemakers linked to the closed loop of an orange thread

It all began in 2005 when some of us, already members of Cantina Orsogna and dedicated to organic farming, espoused the idea, promoted by the Cooperative, of conducting the vineyards according to the principles of biodynamic agriculture and sharing the importance of safeguarding our territory, our experiences, our families, and our traditions.

We are all children of winemakers for at least three generations, ours is a community of small family farms associated in Cooperative, fueled by the knowledge that future generations will only be able to tread on our vineyards if the choices we make today are responsible!

Our vineyards are located in Orsogna and neighboring municipalities, on the slopes of Majella National Park, our majestic and quiet mother mountain, and 15 km as the crow flies from the Adriatic Sea, just a stone’s throw from the Trabocchi coast: a particularly breezy foothill area with a microclimate that does not allow massive grape production, allows us to reduce the use of pesticides and invasive treatments.

Today our biodynamic vineyard area is 360 hectares. We market our wines under the brand name Lunaria – Orsogna

The orange thread that binds us is the vital force and energy that nourishes our soils, a cosmic force that emanates from the horns we cyclically bury and dig up, feeds the rhythms of our organic microcosm and is found in our wines, pure expressions of a healthy and living terroir.

We are biodynamic Abruzzese, strong, gentle and stubborn. We know it is not easy, but our hands and families are constantly striving to live biodynamics not only as an agricultural method, but as an ethical opportunity to live in harmony with nature, the environment and people.

The DEMETER BRAND, a guarantee of double certification.

All our processes undergo a strict verification process certified by the international DEMETER mark from agricultural production, to vinification, to the marketing of our products.

The Demeter (goddess of fertility and the earth) label is an additional certification to that already provided by organic farming (in fact, biodynamic farms are also compulsorily organic).

Spontaneously fermented biodynamic wines