YEAR 2022
August 9, 2022


Cantina Orsogna 1964 has donated to the Maiella National Park Germplasm Bank the yeasts selected in 2021 on Maiella’s “mbriachelli fruits” used to ferment “Vola Volé Maiella National Park” wines. The yeasts, stored frozen by the Germplasm Bank, are free and the heritage of all and are available to anyone who wants to use them for fermentations in general (wine, baking and/or brewing).
CANTINA ORSOGNA and the MAIELLA NATIONAL PARK committed to the conservation of ecosystem biodiversity (in collaboration with the University of Teramo and the Dalton Microbiology Laboratory) select yeasts on Maiella fruit, which represents an important area of refuge and biodiversity conservation as it is not contaminated by pesticides and intensive cultivation. Wild fruits that in Abruzzo were called “mbriachelli” fruits because they fermented to produce low-alcohol drinks. Many Abruzzese are familiar with the phrase “ti sei preso una schorba,” which stands for precisely a mild intoxication related to the consumption of a low-alcohol beverage.
The donation there was last Aug. 9, 2022, in Lama dei Peligni, at the Abruzzo Plant Biodiversity Conservation Center, at the conference on “Scientific Research and Nature Conservation Policies for the Future of Our Planet” with the participation of our enologist and director Camillo Zulli, Michele Scognamiglio, specialist in food science, biochemistry and clinical pathology, Rosanna Tofalo, prof.ssa of agricultural microbiology at the Faculty of Biosciences and Agri-food and Environmental Technologies at the University of Teramo, Aurelio Manzi ethnobotanist and historian of agriculture, Luciano Di Martino and Tiziana di Renzo, director and vice president of Maiella National Park and mayor of Lama dei Peligni, Germplasm Bank technicians and Giovanni Legnini Special Government Commissioner for Reconstruction for the 2016 and 2017 earthquake areas, respectively.
3 NEW REGIONAL SITES ber biodynamics.
May 21, 2022


A natural choice, the land of Abruzzo, the first region in terms of the number of members registered with the Association for Biodynamic Agriculture and the first Demeter-certified biodynamic wine production entity in Italy.
Last May 21, 2022, in Orsogna, the inaugural ribbon cutting of 3 key locations for the biodynamic community:
– Demeter Abruzzo Regional Headquarters
– Regional Headquarters Association for Biodynamic Agriculture – Abruzzo Section
– Regional Headquarters APAB “Abruzzo Biodynamic” Institute for specialized training in biodynamic, organic and social agriculture.
A hub of excellence for Central Italy for biodynamic agriculture and training of the highest profile especially in viticulture and enology.

YEAR 2021
Circle “Agrobiodiversity” of Legambiente
n. December 16, 2021


This Christmas, the “Agrobiodiversity” circle of Legambiente Abruzzo is embracing the “Vola Volé Maiella National Park” wine project of Parco Maiella and Cantina Orsogna. Wines that are a return to the naturalness of fermentations through yeasts from an environment not contaminated by agriculture: the Maiella. Vola Volé Maiella National Park are organic wines certified for biodiversity, with no added sulfites, able to return authentic smells and flavors of the ‘terroir’.Parco Maiella and Cantina Orsogna have collaborated to create two boxed sets of 0 km agri-food products that the “Agrobiodiversità” circle of Legambiente Abruzzo promotes among its many channels: these are a selection of products that characterize the territory and represent its most authentic expression. Wine, flour, oil, spelt and beans obtained from local agricultural varieties whose value is not only agronomic or genetic, but also cultural, and which the Park preserves and enhances as part of sustainable supply chains. Honey, on the other hand, represents a production of high value both because it is obtained in uncontaminated environments whose floristic richness distinctively qualifies its organoleptic characters, and because it is produced respecting natural balances and with methods that guarantee the coexistence in the territory of beekeeping activities and the Marsican bear.


December 7, 2021


The 15th edition of PESCARA ABRUZZO WINE closes for Cantina Orsogna with:
> excellent feedback at the first tasting of Pretalucente’s 2021 NERO ANTICO wine vinified in both rosé and red.
For PRETALUCENTE RED ANCIENT BLACK WINE, it was found that the typical and authentic expression of this wine is obtained only from the vinification of grapes grown in the terroir of origin (Gessopalena -Ch- foothills area of the eastern Maiella). Moving away from it, the wine made from Pretalucente’s Nero Antico grapes loses much of the organoleptic qualities that have distinguished it over time. For this parallel, two red wines from the separate vinification of Nero Antico di Pretalucente grapes grown in different areas (grapes from the Gessopalena 700 m asl vineyard compared with those from the Abruzzo region’s experimental vineyard located in Casacanditella at 400 m asl) were presented for tasting.
The NERO ANTICO DI PRETALUCENTE ROSATO WINE from the Nero Antico di Pretalucente grapes grown in Gessopalena, on the other hand, is a UNIQUE product: onion skin color with very vivid hue, pH 2.98 and total acidity of 8.5 g/l. Even more amazing when we consider that the grape harvest was very late (October 19, 2021). This rosé, in addition to being intended for the production of quality rosé wines, is particularly suitable for sparkling base wines. Unlike other sparkling wine base grapes, which in the country are harvested by the end of August in order to maintain high acidity and low pH, Pretalucente’s Nero Antico grapes can be harvested from the end of October until mid-November. This is possible because of the quality of the particularly hard and thick skin (incidence of 19 percent of berry weight versus 13 percent in other grape varieties). The extra 60 days of ripening that the plant benefits from in its territory allows the Nero Antico grape of Pretalucente origin to absorb as much extra energy, which we also find in the wine.
> three major awards:
1-PREMISE as best “audience wine” in the CERASUOLO D’ABRUZZO DOP category for our Vola Volé organic and Biodiversity friend with pollen yeasts;
2- AWARD as the best “wine of the public” in the RED IGP category our BUCEFALO WINE FROM APPASSED RED biodynamic red grapes branded LUNARIA;
3- CAREER AWARD for our director and winemaker Camillo Zulli.


n. December 11-January 2021 year3

Vola Volé Maiella National Park “WINE ENVIRONMENTALIST”

In the house magazine of the National Order of Biologists, an article on conservation and fermentation projects between the Maiella National Park Authority and Cantina Orsogna 1964 and how today’s granaries of microbial biodiversity are marginal agricultural areas and mountainous areas not yet contaminated by the use of pesticides.