We hereby wish to inform you that the European Regulation 2016/679 – G.D.P.R. – on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of Personal Data and on the free movement of such data, provides for the protection of individuals and other persons with respect to the processing of personal data. The Soc.Coop.Agr. Olearia Vinicola Orsogna – also known simply as “BIO CANTINA ORSOGNA” as the “Data Controller”, in accordance with Article 13 of the G.D.P.R., therefore, intends to provide you with the following information:

  • CATEGORIES OF DATA: BIO CANTINA ORSOGNA will process personal data that will be provided by you and entered in the form; the requested data are: first name, last name, tax code, telephone number, email, geographical address.
  • SOURCE OF PERSONAL DATA: The personal data of which BIO CANTINA ORSOGNA will be in possession are therefore collected directly from the person concerned when filling out the form relating to the purchase of products visible and available on the dedicated website www.
  • DATA CONTROLLER: The data controller is BIO CANTINA ORSOGNA having its registered office in Orsogna (CH), at Via Ortonese, no. 29, c.f. 00123670697 and P. V.A. 00090210691 Contact phone 0871 86321; email address; pec:
  • PURPOSE OF DATA PROCESSING AND LEGAL BASIS: The processing of Your data, collected and stored in connection with the completion of the form relating to the purchase of products visible and available on the dedicated website, has as its legal basis the contract that is concluded between You and BIO CANTINA ORSOGNA and is made for the following purposes: to make and conclude the purchase online of the products selected by You and manage, by the Holder, their delivery/shipping to the address indicated.
  • DATA RECIPIENTS: To the extent relevant to the stated purposes of processing, Your data may be disclosed to partners, consulting firms, professionals, private companies and to Data Processors appointed pursuant to Art. 28 G.D.P.R.. Data communication consists of a processing activity according to which knowledge is given to one or more determined persons other than the data subject, the owner’s representative in the territory of the state, the person in charge and the persons in charge. Your data, on the other hand, will not be disseminated in any way; instead, dissemination of data is a type of processing according to which data is given to “unspecified” parties, in any form including by making them available or consulted . Data Processors and Authorized Processors have been identified and appointed for this purpose by the Data Controller: for more information: .
  • TRANSFER OF DATA ABROAD: The data collected will not be transferred abroad.
  • PERIOD OF STORAGE: The data collected will be kept for a period of time not exceeding the achievement of the purposes for which they are processed pursuant to Art. 5 of the G.D.P.R. and on the basis of legal requirements (e.g., data retention for tax reasons 10 years).
  • RIGHTS OF THE DATA SUBJECT: You always have the right to request from the Data Controller access to Your data, rectification or erasure of Your data, restriction of processing or the ability to object to processing, to request data portability, to withdraw consent to processing by asserting these and other rights under the G.D.P.R. by simple communication to the Data Controller. As a Data Subject, you can also file a complaint with the competent supervisory authority (Privacy Guarantor).
  • OBLIGATORY OR NOT TO PROVIDE DATA: Please note that the provision of data is, for some fields, optional and for others (indicated by an asterisk) mandatory and failure to provide mandatory data will result in the NOT sending the form And the inability to conclude the contract act of purchasing the products and delivery of the same in Your favor.
  • OBLIGATORYITY OF CONSENT: The provision of consent to certain types of processing (marketing, promotions, advertising, profiling) is made by ticking the appropriate checkbox; the choice is optional and failure to consent does NOT produce negative effects in order to the purchase of products and the delivery of the same in Your favor.
  • METHODS OF DATA PROCESSING: The personal data provided by You, will be subject to processing operations in compliance with the above-mentioned legislation and the obligations of confidentiality that inspire the activity of the Owner. The data will be processed both by computer tools and on paper media as well as on any other suitable media, in compliance with appropriate technical and organizational security measures provided by the G.D.P.R.

Pursuant to Art. 24, lett. a of the Privacy Code and art. 6, lett. b and c of the G.D.P.R., Your consent is not required when the processing is necessary to fulfill the obligations of a contract to which you are a party and an obligation required by law, regulation or EU legislation or otherwise when there is the existence of a legitimate interest of the Controller.

Your consent is instead required to fulfill certain other purposes, which are as follows.

The personal data collected in the specified scope of conclusion of the contract for the purchase of goods of BIO CANTINA ORSOGNA and its delivery to the geographical address indicated may be processed by the Owner, both in paper mode (eg: compilation of forms, coupons and similar) and in automated/informed mode, for purposes of commercial promotion, advertising communication, solicitation of purchasing behavior, market research, surveys (including telephone, online or through forms), statistical processing (in identifiable form), other marketing sample research in the broadest sense (including prize shows, contests and competitions). Therefore, by explicitly giving consent to the Processing for the aforementioned purposes, you specifically acknowledge such promotional, commercial and marketing purposes in the broad sense of the processing (including the consequent managerial and administrative activities) and expressly authorize BIO CANTINA ORSOGNA to proceed with such processing both pursuant to Article 23 of the Privacy Code (where the means employed for such type of processing for the specific purpose are telephone with operator or other non-electronic, non-telematic means or not supported by automatic, electronic or telematic mechanisms and/or procedures) and pursuant to Art. 130 of the Privacy Code (where the means employed are electronic mail, fax, sms, mms, automated systems without operator intervention and the like, including electronic platforms and other telematic means) that finally under Art. 6(1)(a) of the EU GDPR Regulation.

Any consent given for sending commercial and promotional communications, on the basis of Art. 130, paragraphs 1 and 2, of the Privacy Code (Legislative Decree No. 196/2003), will allow BIO CANTINA ORSOGNA to achieve this purpose through the use of electronic mail, fax, sms, mms, automated systems without operator intervention and similar, including electronic platforms and other telematic means, and will imply the receipt of such communications, not only through said automated modes of contact, but also through traditional modes, such as paper mail or operator calls.

You have the right to formulate opposition to the processing of Your personal data for “direct marketing” purposes through the above-mentioned automated methods of contact, and will in any case extend to traditional ones. Even then, this is without prejudice to the possibility of exercising this right in a ‘partial’ manner, as provided for in Art. 7(4) of the Code, that is, both with respect to certain means and with respect to certain processing.

If you do not intend to give consent in the terms stated above, you have the right to express any desire to receive communications for the above purposes exclusively through traditional means of contact, where provided: this can be exercised free of charge by sending a simple email to

For the purposes of the principle of fulfilling the privacy obligations provided for the data controller in compliance with the principles of simplification of the same obligations, BIO CANTINA ORSOGNA wishes to inform You that the specific consent formula available according to the consent collection procedures from time to time provided for will be unified and comprehensive and will refer to all possible means of marketing treatment without prejudice to the possibility of notifying by email to the address a different will as to the use of certain means and not others for the receipt, upon consent, of marketing communications.

In addition, again for the purposes of the principle of fulfilling the privacy obligations for the owner in compliance with the principles of simplification of the same obligations, BIO CANTINA ORSOGNA informs You that the specific consent formula will be unitary and overall and will also refer to all the different and possible marketing purposes explained herein (i.e., without multiplying the consent formulas for each distinct marketing purpose pursued by the owner), without prejudice to the possibility for You to notify by email to the address

a different selective will as to consent or denial of consent for individual marketing purposes.

In order to proceed with the Processing for the aforementioned marketing purpose, it is mandatory to acquire specific, separate, express, documented, prior and entirely optional consent.

Therefore, where you intend to give specific consent to this effect, you must be informed in advance and aware that the purposes of the processing pursued are of a specific commercial, advertising, promotional and marketing nature in the broadest sense.

The processing activities you will find at the end of this Policy are subject to your consent, which you can express by checking the relevant box (check box).

By therefore giving such optional consents, you specifically acknowledge and authorize such further, possible processing.

In any case, even where You have given consent to authorize BIO CANTINA ORSOGNA to pursue all the purposes just mentioned, You will still remain free at any time to revoke it by sending without any formality a clear communication to that effect to the email

Following the receipt of such a so-called “opt-out” request, BIO CANTINA ORSOGNA will promptly proceed to remove and delete the data from the databases used for the Processing of such purposes and to inform for the same purposes of deletion any third parties to whom the data have been communicated. Simply receiving the cancellation request will automatically count as confirmation of cancellation.

It is specifically and separately informed, as required by Art. 21 of the GDPR that if personal data are processed for direct marketing purposes, you have the right to object at any time to the processing of personal data about you carried out for such purposes and that if you object to the processing for direct marketing purposes, the personal data may no longer be processed for such purposes.

For the same purposes as above, BIO CANTINA ORSOGNA informs you that data may also be disclosed to third party business partners. Consent to these types of processing for marketing purposes, if given, also does not cover the different and additional marketing processing represented by the communication of data to third parties for the same purposes.

In order to proceed with such communication to the outside world, it is mandatory to acquire additional, separate, additional, documented, expressed and fully optional informed consent as represented above. Failure by Tua to provide consent for the purposes just stated of direct marketing and marketing by communication of data to third party business partners will not result in any consequences with regard to the sale of products and the provision of the resulting delivery service.

Orsogna, May 27, 2021

The Data Controller


Mr. Giuseppe MICOZZI


Pursuant to this Privacy Policy, adopted in accordance with Articles 13 et seq. of EU Regulation 679/2016

– fulfillment of direct activities of sale or placement of BIO CANTINA ORSOGNA products;


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