We are “winemakers with a biodynamic heart” because we make bold production and organizational choices that put people and nature at the center of our core business and make them the driving force behind our economy. Challenges are part of the Know-How of members and employees so we have always enthusiastically undertaken ambitious projects to offer consumers high quality wine while respecting people and the land.


We work for an innovative, inclusive and sustainable economy to generate value from a long-term perspective.


We want to promote projects to revolutionize the power relationship between people and ensure conditions of well-being with concrete actions (our strength is in handmade works to create jobs on the ground and always keep the dialogue with local communities open).

Cantina Orsogna is a women-friendly enterprise by joining the regional network for the job placement of women with experiences of gender-based violence by entrusting them to dress the bottles of the eye-catching Eva Patch Line.

Our Cantina Orsogna & Babalù Wine Line supports the eponymous Friendship Farm both through donations tied to sales and by fostering job placement for disadvantaged people.

The importance of human relations, the commitment to constantly ensure the healthiness of the environment and safety of the workplace, and the attention to the well-being and preparation of employees are fundamental elements in our personnel management.



Our organic, biodynamic, Biodiversity Friend, sulfite-free added and vegan wine lines tell stories of our land, our families and individual members. In the winery we enhance the characteristics and scents naturally present in our grapes by rejecting industrial standardization.
In the winery, fermentation of the grapes takes place using yeasts naturally present on the skins and in no case using selected yeasts. No sulfur dioxide is also added to the must, an enological choice that preserves spontaneous microflora and the natural action of endogenous yeasts.


Our supplier qualification and evaluation policy is based not only on the verification of hygienic, technical, economic, and organizational quality requirements, but also on compliance with environmental and ethical sustainability criteria. One of our suppliers is also selected on the basis of possessing its own environmental management system or for ability to supply environmentally friendly products (FSC) as well as for compliance with and application of ethical requirements towards workers (respect for human rights, workers’ rights, protection against child exploitation, guarantees of safety and health in the workplace etc).

We want to develop high levels of productivity through technological upgrading and innovation with a focus on the agricultural development of our members. We are committed to achieving an increase in our turnover and strive to separate agronomic growth from environmental impact by progressively improving resource use efficiency.

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Grain-based soil conditioner our members’ soils are enriched with this extraordinary preparation to give back to the Earth what it has given us.

Grazing in the vineyards: our sheep graze freely with respect for the plant, promoting soil biodiversity and returning microscopic particles of organic nature to the Earth.

Green fertilization: our vintners sow the sulla. In the cultivation stage, in winter, Sulla plants are the basic fodder for feeding our sheep by producing organic manure; in spring, Sulla flowers were used by bees for pollination and for the production of fine Sulla honey. At the end of the biological cycle, Sulla plants are buried, thus contributing to the natural fertilization cycle;

Researching innovative adjuvants in collaboration with faculty at the University of L’Aquila and Perugia to return the land to the environment by promoting production technologies that reduce the use of copper.

Realization of an ancient seedbed: ancient and native seeds are a rich heritage of biodiversity to be recovered and safeguarded. In 2022 our agronomy team sowed seeds in a seedbed of varieties almost forgotten but that color and adorn tables in peasant tales. Ancient and forgotten vegetables that have continued their lives almost in secret and that we want to recover. We learn from the past to enrich our present.

Recovery and enhancement of native grape varieties with the City of Gessopalena we work to recover and enhance the prized ancient black grape variety of Pietralucente

Save the Ligustica: We distributed more than 100 royal cells containing fertilized Ligustica queen bees to our winegrowers.

Sustainable packaging:

  • we have eliminated the use of the capsule in 95 percent of our bottled wines because we believe in changing the society that can exist in a more virtuous way without using polymeric materials.
  • In our Zero Pure Wine Line we employ labels made from mineral paper without the use of millions of cellulose fibers.
  • We are approaching FSC-certified products made from forest materials from responsible sources that care about our future.
  • Our bottles are sealed with corks made of cork, a natural, biodegradable and reusable material.
  • Lunaria Ancestral bottles are manually tied using the woolen thread produced from the fleece of our sheep.