To reinforce the purity and naturalness of the product, the labels of Zeropuro wines are designed to dress the bottle with originality and at the same time facilitate its separation with a view to recycling.
The illustrations reinforce the naturalness of the product by telling the story of chlorophyll photosynthesis, the primary biological process for life. Plants through photosynthesis obtain the nutrients they need to grow and enables the whole ecosystem
Of our planet.
Each wine in the line is identified with one of the elements involved in photosynthesis: sun, leaves, stems, soil, roots and water. The shape, in compliance with legal regulations, is designed to be anchored to the glass with only a small dot of glue, so that once the wine is consumed, the label can be easily removed to be disposed of separately from the bottle.

The labels are made from a mixture of stone powder (calcium carbonate) and nontoxic resins (high-density polyethylene ) that act as a binder. For this they are:

No trees are cut down during its stone papermaking process because only inert material from processing waste is used as the basis of its composition.

Stone paper is photodegradable in a period of 14-18 months.
It is also 100 percent recyclable and recoverable to produce other stone paper, plastic materials, materials for the construction and metallurgical industries, and for agriculture.